Teen Spirit and Weezing in the Ridglea Lounge
Presented by Ridglea Theater

Teen Spirit and Weezing in the Ridglea Lounge

Ridglea Lounge
All Ages
Teen Spirit (Nirvana Tribute) and Weezing (Weezer Tribute) in The Ridglea Lounge, Fort Worth, TX - Alternative Rock, Grunge

Teen Spirit (Facebook)

The tribute band “Teen Spirit” is for people who love the music of the 90’s record shattering band Nirvana but who never got the chance to see them live, or want to experience the live show again! Complete recreation of the experience includes themed sets and backdrops as well as band members who look and play the part. Using all the outfits, gear, and play styles to the original members is what sets us apart from the rest. Respect and love for the music imbues this group and is what makes their ability to deliver one of the most iconic and immersive live shows ever witnessed!

Weezing (Facebook/ Instagram)

You want the best, YOU GOT THE BEST! WEEZING is the greatest Weezer tribute band on this side of the galaxy, from Dallas TX

Venue Information:
Ridglea Lounge
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX, 76116