Spoonfed Tribe 20 Year Anniversary Show w/ Royal Sons, Loyal Sally and more
Presented by Ridglea Theater

Spoonfed Tribe

The Royal Sons

Ridglea Theater
All Ages
Ridglea Theater presents Spoonfed Tribe 20 Year Anniversary Show w/ Special Guest Royal Sons, Loyal Sally and more, Fort Worth, TX

Come out and celebrate 20 years of Spoonfed Tribe!

Spoonfed Tribe (Facebook / Twitter)

An Original, Avant-Garde, Rock Percussion Act. With multiple drummers, their music easily turns from SONG into a Percussive wall of sound. "The rhythmic therapy creates a soul-feeding atmosphere, while making you dance like you just don't care!"

Royal Sons (Facebook)

Tx bred psychedelic rock n' roll.

Loyal Sally (Facebook)

Loyal Sally came to Earth at the beginning of 2011 with the goals and dream to enrich the lives of the entire human race through music. With an out-of-this-world ability to create melodic harmonies on top of the most inspiringly catchy brand of folk rock, Loyal Sally is set out to barrel through every speaker and every stage, and there is nothing that will stop them. Press play before it's too late.... The group is set to hit the studio in the fall of 2016 to record their most ambitious album yet!!

Lost Art Legacy (Facebook)

A unique psychedelic blend of spiritually driven, LYRICAL HIP-HOP, infused with TRIBAL PERCUSSION

Don Gentry (Dj Set)

Yun Kim’ (Yunified visual mapping assassin)

Venue Information:
Ridglea Theater
6025 Camp Bowie Blvd

Fort Worth, TX, 76116